Nick Carter in Philadelphia

| December 14, 2012

Nick Carter Detective Library

Nick Carter in Philadelphia;
Or, Night Hawks of the Quaker City
By Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey

This is issue #6 in the Nick Carter Dime Novel Library, originally published September 12, 1891 by Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey.

The sixth story in the Nick Carter Library contains another “first” for the series: the first time Nick encounters organized crime, the mysterious band known as the Night Hawks and their equally mysterious leader The King Hawk. There is little description in this story that depends for much of its effect on the dialogue of its characters.

When the story begins Nick is engaged on a case in Philadelphia to which he has arrived by train. Although he is disguised it seems his guise has been penetrated and at least one person he meets, a man in a brown beard, knows who he is. He soon convinces Brown Beard he is not Nick Carter and exchanges some remarks with a young bootblack while having his shoes shined. The bootblack is none other than Chick, his new assistant who works behind the scenes in aid of his chief. Nick assumes the identity of Solon Rutherford and succeeds in concealing his persona by exchanging identities with a man whom he just meets, but whom he has decided to take into his confidence. There is an elaborate description of the changes in appearance as well the changes in clothing that are necessary for his new disguise.

At this point the reader is introduced to the Night Hawks, a gang whom Nick is determined to destroy and he begins his investigation in Flagherty’s Saloon while disguised as an Italian named Dominico Spada. He doesn’t have an easy time of it for some of the patrons of the saloon suspect him of being a fly-cop and a fight breaks out before he is allowed to become a member of the Night Hawks who have gathered there. Nick soon encounters Chick in Flagherty’s where they exchange information and the reader is treated to a description of the structure of the Night Hawks and learns that the identity of the leader, The King Hawk, is not known to anyone in the gang.

Nick continues to learn all there is to know about the Night Hawks and penetrates into their very headquarters. He soon learns they have a single item on their agenda: to destroy Nick Carter. However Nick Carter is too much for the gang and with the aid of the police he sets a trap for them, uncrowns the King Hawk and brings justice to the Quaker City.

J. Randolph Cox
Editor, Dime Novel Round-Up

We have recovered the full length novel of Nick Carter in Philadelphia and reproduced it for immediate download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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