Nick Carter – A Wall Street Haul

| July 14, 2016

Nick Carter – A Wall Street Haul

A Wall Street Haul; Or,
A Bold Stroke For A Fortune

By John Russell Coryell

Originally published for 15 weeks, between March 12 and June 18, 1887 in Street and Smith’s, New York Weekly, starting in Vol. 42, No. 21.

This is a rare manuscript featuring the second adventure of Nick Carter created by John Russell Coryell. Nick Carter has been a private detective for a little over a year and has been very successful in his chosen vocation. Everyone knows his pseudonym, Harvey Jones, but no one knows the existence of his real identity except Inspector Byrnes. Nick has married the girl he fell in love with in his first adventure, and in this tale he involves her a bit in solving the mystery of “A Wall Street Haul,” a massive number of bonds taken from one of New York’s most famous banks — and with precious few clues to go by. It is necessary to read this story first because Nick Carter’s next adventure is the sequel, “Fighting Against Million$; Or, The Detective in the Jewel Caves of Kurm”.

A Wall Street Haul
Another Case for Nick Carter

The success of the first Nick Carter serial made a sequel inevitable. Only a few months after the conclusion of the Old Detective’s Pupil in Street & Smith’s New York Weekly Nick Carter was faced with a new mystery to solve. A Wall Street Haul; or, A Bold Stroke for a Fortune was serialized from March 12 to June 18, 1887. The serial installments were collected in book form as no. 18 of the Secret Service Series (April 1889), no. 3 of the Shield Series (October 11, 1894), and no. 6 of the Magnet Detective Library (October 6, 1897). The last book appearance was as no. 946 of the New Magnet Library issued October 5, 1916.

If The Old Detective’s Pupil is a coming of age story then A Wall Street Haul can be labeled a story that reaffirms the qualities of the main character. Nick Carter is now a full-fledged detective, a leader in his profession, but with a young wife to support. Mrs. Nicholas Carter is Ethel (nee Livingston) whom he met during the course of his first case. His father-in-law is banker Gerald Livingston who was also Nick’s client in that case also figures in the sequel. Author John R. Coryell frequently introduced characters or situations in one novel that he took up in the next story and explored them at greater length.

The case concerns the theft of $3,000,000 from the 15th National Bank in Wall Street. Finding the thief takes Nick and his new wife to various parts of New York City, London, and Paris. Eventually he establishes the guilt belongs to Howard Wilshaw, the husband of Grace Eldredge whose father is the well-known banker Maurice Eldredge.

Throughout the story Nick is almost constantly in disguise and poses as a detective named Harvey Jones. No one but Ethel is allowed to see his real face. There is a rapport between the two of them and they communicate by secret verbal signals. However, when Nick seems so intent on the case that he ignores his wife, Ethel becomes disturbed and objects. The story is enlivened by encounters with rival detective Matt Solomon who has little use for Nick’s alter ego, Harvey Jones and there are situations that often make fun of popular detective fiction conventions. Nick’s father-in-law announces that he is prepared never to recognize the young detective until he is ready to reveal his identity. Once the case is closed Nick and Ethel settle down to the quiet life of newlyweds little realizing this is only the beginning of a long career as a detective.

It was only the beginning.
J. Randolph Cox
Former Editor of the Dime Novel Round-Up

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