About Us

Dave_180My name is David Buchanan. I’m a treasure hunter of sorts, collecting, archiving and reproducing rare, out-of-print books from some of the most talented writers in the world. I really enjoy discovering rare treasures in literature and love to share the stories with other people who enjoy a good mystery or an exciting adventure. Many of these stories we feature on the Dime Novel Castle can be easily developed into theatre plays, movie scripts or made-for-TV adventure stories, with strong character-based heroes, treacherous villains and thrilling adventures.

My friends and I created Dime Novel Castle in order to preserve textually correct reproductions of select rare, out-of-print dime novels and serialized adventure stories, published between 1860 and 1915. These stories are intriguing and entertaining, and feature some of the world’s most famous and beloved characters in modern literature.

Our team of historians, writers and editors search all over the country in order to locate and acquire the original newspapers, magazines, books and manuscripts that has survived for over one hundred and fifty years. Some of these books were published before the American Civil War. Thousands of man-hours has been invested in the recovery and preservation of these storybooks in order to preserve the author’s place in history and to provide public access to these rare, out-of-print adventure stories for future generations.

Hand-Typed Reproductions.
When an original copy of a dime novel or serialized adventure story is located, we ensure that each page is carefully scanned by an experienced archive specialist using the latest computer technology in order to preserve the readability of the original text. Dime novel stories that are damaged beyond recognition are meticulously hand-typed by our team of archive specialists and editors. In many instances we have to locate and acquire multiple copies of the original books and/or publications in order to replace unrecognizable text. Dime Novels that have been hand-typed are noted in the book description in our online store and blog. Once the new manuscript is completed and validated by our editorial staff, I then organize the book design and layout for print and digital ebook publishing using using QuarkXPress® on my iMac computer. Hand-typed reproductions are ready for printing and on-demand publishing.

Digital Image Ebooks.
Digital image ebooks are created from the high-resolution scanned images of the original pages in the book. The text has not been retyped or edited. The ebook is an exact digital copy of the original publication. I use Adobe Photoshop® to digitally correct and enhance each image to improve readability and to prepare each page-image for OCR capture and manual editing. I then collate the page-images and create an easy-to-read document using Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Acrobat®. Adobe Acrobat® PDFs are self-contained digital documents, called ebooks, that can be viewed and printed on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, Mobile Device or Smart Phone. Adobe Acrobat® PDF format has been the standard for digital distribution of high-resolution content and ebooks for many years. All digital image ebooks on the Dime Novel Castle are prepared for OCR capture and manual editing by anyone who wants to reproduce these intriguing adventure novels.

Adobe Acrobat® PDF Formatted for Digital Distribution and Instant Download.
All of the ebooks available on the Dime Novel Castle are textually correct reproductions of out-of-print dime novels and serialized adventure stories in the public domain. They are available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. You can download each ebook immediately after purchase. All ebooks can be printed on your home printer, at a local copy shop or office supply store. The small fee we charge on our website is to cover our cost for the purchase of original dime novels, and/or the labor cost of editing, preserving and providing access to the adventure stories for future generations.

Please Note: The Free Adobe Acrobat® Reader is required to read and print these rare, out-of-print adventure stories. Visit the Adobe Acrobat® Website to download the free Acrobat® PDF Reader for your computer.

The Free Abobe Acrobat® Reader is also available on Apple iTunes®, Google Play® for your smart phone or mobile device, and at Amazon.com – Acrobat® PDF for Amazon Kindle®.

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